Social media marketing for the block management industry

Social Media Marketing
for the Block Management Industry

Social media marketing for the block management industry delivered by Be Original.  

If you know that you should be using social media and using it well; that you should regularly be creating engaging posts, using good graphics and writing decent blog posts for your website but…

You’re trying to do this on top of running your business, managing your team and handling all your other responsibilities…

Then we can help

At Be Original we can take the hassle out of social media and manage it for you.

We know the block management industry and how niche it is – we understand that you need to define your organisation as an expert for the services that you provide.  

Imagine that your social media is being taken care for you…

Messages are being posted across your different platforms, followers are being engaged with and the content is relevant – you won’t even need to spend hours explaining to us what block management is, we know!  

We know because we work in the block management industry. We’ve worked with property management companies, suppliers to them and with organisations and publications within it.

And that’s what makes us different.

Be Original will take care of your social media so that you can go back to focusing on your business, knowing that your company has the right presence.   

Social media marketing for the block management industry. 

We realise that most people set up their social media accounts, normally on at least four different platforms, and then start posting. The first week you’re full of enthusiasm and probably post a few times on each one.

But then the following week it drops off- you’re struggling with what to talk about, know that you need some nice images but can’t face the cost of a graphic designer and it all just starts to dwindle. 

In our experience, without a dedicated person managing your social media for you, most companies loose interest within four weeks and go back to posting sporadically which isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Don’t let this happen to you.

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stand out from a crowd on social media

How do you stand out in the crowd?

Posting needs to be consistent across each platform. It needs to be engaging, with different types of posts and you also need to be engaging with your followers and connections.  On top of this, you need to be actively looking for new followers and connections to grow your network.   

At Be Original we can help with social media marketing for the block management industry. 

You’ll find details of the levels of services that we offer on our services page but, in short, we will manage your social media accounts for you in a way that fits with your company brand and is grounded in our knowledge and experience of the industry.