About Be Original

Social Media Marketing for the Block Management Industry

Be Original is a Social Media Marketing agency specifically created for the property and block management industry.  

After a staggering amount of conversations with business leaders within the block management industry and those supplying into it, we found very few were able to afford a dedicated marketing person.  

Whilst many recognised the need for a good social media presence, most were unable to achieve this while continuing with their day to day roles, and social media was a little-understood area that often dropped off of the to do list.  

And so Be Original was born. 

Created with the aim to educate and grow social media within block management industry, we strived to create a company that not only offers monthly social media management services, but to also be the go to place for useful webinars, training events and in-depth blogs to help you navigate through the social world. 

We’ve worked within the block management industry for over 10 years now, with a combined experience of nearly 20 years.  Thats with suppliers, an industry publication and at a managing agent, which has allowed us to gain a 360-degree view of the sector. 

Be Original - Social Media Marketing for the property management industry

Having used social media actively for the last few years managing company accounts (personal – yes we all love a rant/food pic/selfie) we are uniquely placed to offer social media management services and support with all things marketing. We are always keen to learn more about social media and how we can improve engagement, and during time in my car I can often be found listening to social media podcasts to ensure my knowledge stays current and relevant, or if you’re like Desmond, you record podcasts too! 

On top of that, we are both lucky enough to regularly attend industry events, hosted by the likes of ARMA, IRPM, Leasehold Social as well as our own events – this allows us to keep up to date with all of the latest industry news as well as meeting new contacts.  

Desmond Moreira - Social Media Marketing for the block management industry

Desmond Moreira

If we can help you with anything social media related, let us know and we can grab a coffee and have a chat (I mean a video call of course, we are a social media company after all!)

Once we get talking about social media there is no stopping us!

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Rebecca Kelly - Be Original - Social Media Marketing for the block management industry

Rebecca Kelly