Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Today I want to talk about consistency and why showing up every day is so, so important when it comes to your social media. 

In our day to day lives of work, friends and family, we generally achieve consistency. We’re there for people when they need us and we ‘show up’.

But how does this translate onto social media?

Well, on paper, it sounds pretty easy: you can start to raise your brand profile by simply being that person who is consistently seen across the platforms every day.

The reality is that daily posting, commenting, liking and sharing can be hard to achieve. I know that some days I find the quota hard to hit.

Personally, I commit to posting four or five times a week on certain social media platforms. Sometimes you have a tough morning followed by a bad day and you have no desire whatsoever to show up and talk to people on social media. I’m afraid you need to push through wherever possible.

Powering Through

The most important thing you can do to raise your profile is to be consistent and show up every single day that you’ve promised to show up, whether or not you want to.

It’s this consistency that generates a strong presence- making you more well known and more recognised.  

Set Expectations & Meet or Exceed Them

I’ve noted significant drops in my overall presence and success rate when I’ve let my consistency slip in the past. I think you need to treat your social media followers and potential followers in much the same way that you treat your friends and family- if you stop ‘showing up’ even for a short while, relationships can be damaged.

All of the above being said, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be available 24/7 or even that you need to post every single day- as long as you’re visible regularly and in the way that your followers expect (be that 3 times a week, 4 times a month etc), that’s what counts. 


Your Thoughts

I’m interested to hear your thoughts on how you find it- is consistency a challenge for you?

How do you overcome this? What do you tell yourself to get those fingers typing?

For me, it’s about telling myself that I am going to show up every day, regardless of how I feel, and I’m going to have a positive mindset to present when I’m there.

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About author: Rebecca Kelly

Rebecca Kelly, Co-Founder of Be Original - Social Media Marketing for the Block Management Industry. 🎯Rebecca loves social media and has achieved new leads for her business through her use of different platforms, and is now pleased to be able to share this knowledge through Be Original.

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