Creating videos for social media

creating videos for social media

Creating videos for social media can feel like a daunting task and it can feel difficult to put yourself out there, but there is hope!   

In the last quarter of 2019 I hadn’t done as many videos I had previously, I had this feeling of being judged and was finding it incredibly hard to put myself out there.

It can take some time to get over seeing myself on the screen when I’m recording, and feeling vulnerable about people’s opinions of me, about what I was doing and whether or not they should I should be doing it was quite hard to deal with.   This was all creating some kind of block in my head, that quite frankly I was allowing myself to listen to.  

I then had some conversations with different people who had noticed that I hadn’t been doing as many videos and they asked why that was.    

This made me realise that I just needed to get out there, get over myself and start creating video content once again.    

The benefits of creating videos for social media are so positive, it gives you an opportunity for people to see you, to hear you and actually get to know more about you as a person, something that people don’t necessarily see behind text and images posts, and other stuff that you do on social media.

This is an opportunity for you.

I want to urge you to take this step.

Practise may make perfect, but is that you?

For me I’ve given a commitment that I am going to get back out there, start doing videos and really talk about things that are important to me.  

One thing I’ve learnt from doing videos is that you don’t and shouldn’t be perfect.  Previously when I’ve created videos they would take about an hour or so, recording over and over again with a disillusion that I could be perfect, but I’m not – and I’ve committed to do them in the first take and just accept them as they are. 

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In real life, I’m far from perfect, I don’t get the opportunity to start a conversation from the beginning if I say something not quite right, so why would I want to present this impression of myself on social media? 

If you’re feeling vulnerable, thinking that creating video content is something that you should be doing, because you understand the benefits behind them, then I would like to encourage you to do it. 


Take a step forward, out of your comfort zone, grab your phone and talk.   Talk about what you do, what makes you passionate, what you enjoy doing and share information. 

The results that you can achieve can be amazing, and what is so bizarre about this is I know the positive results that come from doing videos. Videos have previously allowed me to raise awareness about who I am and what I do. And then that feeling of that the judgment and feeling quite vulnerable, made me take a step back and not do them.


We all need to get over this fear, we need to put ourselves out there.

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A couple of tips that I found useful at the beginning:

  • Do this by yourself, that way you don’t feel judged or aware of what people around you are thinking.
  • Put your phone on do not disturb so you don’t get distracted by notifications or calls coming in.
  • Be yourself, yes I’m going to say it – be the authentic version of you, the real person that everyone sees in real life.

I hope this blog / video encourages just one person to record and post a video on social media, and if you do, send me a message or tag me as I would love to see it. 

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About author: Rebecca Kelly

Rebecca Kelly, Co-Founder of Be Original - Social Media Marketing for the Block Management Industry. 🎯Rebecca loves social media and has achieved new leads for her business through her use of different platforms, and is now pleased to be able to share this knowledge through Be Original.

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