Different types of content and posts

Different types of content and posts

When you’re creating posts and content for social media platforms it can sometimes be difficult to know what type of post you should be creating and why you should be using different types.

In this post we set out the different types of posts that are available to you, what size they should be and why you should be mixing it up. 

Text Only Posts

Text only posts effectively take up less space on peoples feed so they are more likely to be shown in the feed.   

Different platforms have different character limits for posts.

  • LinkedIn – 1300 characters
  • Facebook – 63,206 characters(!!)
  • Twitter – 240 characters
  • Instagram - 2,200 characters in your captions
  • Google My Business – 1,500 characters

If you’re worried that your text only post might not stand out, then use emoji’s to help.


Access the emoji keyboard

On your Mac using control + command + space bar

With Windows using the Windows Key + . (full stop)

emoji keyboard


Images grab attention on social media feeds (and are more likely to be engaged with). They can be used to display products, what you’re working on, quotes – the possibilities are endless.  But make sure that you use the right size image to optimise your post.

Each social media platform has its own preferred size which displays best within the feed – these are detailed below.

However, we have found that if you really don’t have time to create content in different sizes, square is the best option to go for as, apart from Twitter, the image will be display correctly.  On Twitter the image is cropped so that about half of it is shown, normally the part with the most going on, sometimes the top 2/3, other times the middle.

the importance of the correct size image
  • LinkedIn – 1200 x 1200 px
  • Facebook – 1200 x 900 px
  • Twitter – 1024 x 512 px
  • Instagram - 1080 x 1080 px
  • Google My Business – 720 x 720 px

As you can see, three of these platforms use square images. Create your image size as 1200 x 1200 px and you can use it across three platforms without having to resize.

Bear in mind that you want your images to look polished and professional – its far better to have a quality text only post than one with a dodgy image that creates the wrong impression.


If you need help creating images (now that’s another blog post) then take a look at Canva – a free to use tool that allows you to create and resize images.

collage of imagfes


Videos stand out across all social media platforms and gain attention because of the movement involved so they are definitely something you should invest time in.    

Whilst videos can be professionally created you can also create your own that allow you to get your personality and your brand across to those that you haven’t met. 

There are lots of tips and guidance to be given about videos, but the most important is to make sure they have subtitles on them.  Why? Because 80% of social media users have the volume muted when looking at their feed.

I would recommend that any videos you create for social media are square and 1080 x 1080 px as these then take up the most room in peoples feed and get more attention.  

Square videos are perfect for adding subtitles to the bottom and a title to the top.  

Articles (LinkedIn)

Articles on LinkedIn help to show your credibility about a topic or area.   Whilst they won’t get much engagement, they are highlighted on your profile and help to show more about who you are.  

Articles can contain videos, images and links, as well as being able to format the text like a normal document.  

Your article can be up to 40,000 characters long so there is lots of room to talk about your chosen topic. 

linkedin article

Stories (Instagram)

In the property management industry I seen that people are starting to use stories more and more. They are a great way to highlight and showcase yourself, your company and the services that you offer.

  • Story image sizes are different to the normal square type of post on Instagram and should be 1080 x 1920 px.

Stories stay at the top of the feed for 24 hours before they disappear, after this you can add them as highlights if you wish.  

Why you should use different types of posts

Where possible, you should use different types of posts across social media platforms to gain attention in different ways.  No one wants to see the same old thing time and time again, so switching it up really helps.

I would recommend that each week you use different types of posts, so a couple of text only, a couple with images, and if possible, a video.   

Different types of social media content and posts
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Different types of social media content and posts
When you’re creating posts and content for social media platforms it can sometimes be difficult to know what type of post you should be creating and why you should be using different types.
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