Do You See Competition Or A Potential Partner?

competition or a potential partner

Some people automatically see their peers as ‘the competition’ while I see them as potential partners. What do you think competition or potential partner?

Reasons To Connect And Collaborate

Your peers and ‘competitors’ could be a potential:

  • partner/collaborator
  • resource – leverage their black book and pick their brains
  • someone that you might be able to go into joint venture with
  • someone that you can simply lean on when things get rough
  • someone that becomes a friend
  • a teacher- you can learn from their mistakes instead of making your own

The list goes on!

Don't Miss A Trick

Instead of seeing your competitors as something negative, see them as something positive that you should be embracing.

You should want to be close to them, learn from them and be open to anything to do with them because trust me, being like this with them is far more powerful than you just staying away.

‘Staying in your lane’ and doing your own thing means wasting loads of opportunities that could be hugely beneficial to your and your business.

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Cutting Off Your Nose To Spite Your Face

Think about it next time you refuse to go to that industry event, or the next time you turn your nose up at a competitor because they’ve taken a site from you. Or maybe you’re taking one over from them- doing a handover and being frosty with them. Think again.

Moving Forward...

Go to that industry event, and rethink, competition or potential partner. Network with your competitors and clientele alike. Open your eyes to those around you.

It’s an opportunity to build a relationship. That can bring opportunities further down the road that you don’t know about yet.

Connect, collaborate, get close, be friends and love each other. Trust me. You’ll be thankful that you did.

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