First Impressions Count…

Today’s blog is about first impressions, why they count and that critical first 7 seconds.

One of the things that I talk about quite a lot is the impression that you can make within the first seven seconds of meeting somebody new.

That judgment that people make about you in those very, very few seconds, completely unconsciously a lot of the time, can last a very, very long time.

When seeing or meeting you for the first time, people will take in what you look like, what you’re wearing and how you behave- it’s no different when it comes to potential clients seeing your social media presence.

What Impression Does Your Social Media Presence Give?

Before any kind of meeting or event where you will be interacting with existing or potential clients I’m sure you make sure you look and feel your best to ensure a good first impression- do your social media profiles get the same attention?

How Professional is Your Profile Picture?

Your profile picture and the impression it gives people straight off the bat is so important.

We all make unconscious judgments and if the first thing your potential client sees is a picture of you at your friend’s wedding or getting ready for a night out (or worse, already on a night out…) wearing what could be seen as inappropriate clothing and posing for a selfie, well then you’ve not given yourself the best chance at creating a professional, positive first impression.  


Sounds Simple But....

Most importantly, make sure your profile picture looks like you as you are now!

No photographs of you 10 years ago- eventually you may meet many of your clients in person and you don’t want them looking at you quizzically wondering if it’s you or not! I’ve been there before- double taking and thinking “is it them?”

Getting The Perfect Picture

Three tips to get your profile picture right:

  • You need to look professional
  • It needs to be a headshot
  • 60% of the frame should be taken up by your head

Bear in mind that when people see your image on social media where you’re commenting or liking it will be so tiny and they still need to be able to recognise your face.

All of this is going to help make clear who you are as a brand, who you are as a person and to raise your profile- it all starts with the correct first impression whether that be face to face or via your online presence.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Let me know about any profiles that you’ve seen that stand out for good or bad reasons and types of images that you absolutely hate seeing and that don’t create the right impression- oh, and make sure that your profile pictures on your social media platforms are up to scratch… I’ll be checking!

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About author: Rebecca Kelly

Rebecca Kelly, Co-Founder of Be Original - Social Media Marketing for the Block Management Industry. 🎯Rebecca loves social media and has achieved new leads for her business through her use of different platforms, and is now pleased to be able to share this knowledge through Be Original.

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