Hashtags – what are they all about?!

Hashtags – what are they all about?!

In this blog we take a look at the use of hashtags (#) in social media and understand why we should be using them and how best to use them on each of the different social media platforms.

Hashtags are used to categorise content, for you as a writer it’s like adding a label so that other people can see your posts if they are searching for the hashtag.   As a reader, you can search (and sometimes follow) hashtags to enable you to see posts from people that you aren’t following. 

For example, if I wrote a post about ‘block management’ I would use #BlockManagement on the post – this then allows other people to search on #BlockManagement or if you are following the hashtag #BlockManagement it may come up in your feed. 


Don’t use spaces in your hashtag as the social media platform won’t pick up what is after the space.

✅ #BlockManagement 
❌ #Block Management

Using Hashtags

Each social media platform has an optimal number of hashtags that you should use in a post.  I’ve detailed these below and I would recommend that you follow them to ensure that you are using the optimal amount. 

using hashtags on social media
  • LinkedIn - 3 hashtags
  • Facebook - 2 hashtags
  • Pinterest - up to 20 hashtags
  • Twitter - 2 hashtags
  • Instagram - up 30 hashtags
  • Google My Business - don't use them, they are not recommended


Group your hashtags together at the end of a post so it looks tidier and less spammy.

What hashtags should I use?

When you are writing your content, you will normally see that there is a theme to the content that you can use with hashtags, these may be general such as #SocialMedia or more niche like #BlockManagement.

There are other ways to choose relevant hashtags to use in your posts – you can search hashtags and find other suggestions, see what your competition are using or other people in your industry.

writing content


Make sure the hashtags you use are relevant.   Don’t use a trending hashtag about a world event if you post has nothing to do with it; people don’t like this and more likely to ignore your content in future.

Following hashtags

You can follow and search hashtags on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram and you can search for them on Facebook and Pinterest too. 

On each platform go to the search bar at the top of the screen, type the hashtag and press enter.  I’ve included some links below so that you can see what they look like.  


Type hashtags in camel case so they are easier to read.

✅ #BlockManagement   
❌ #blockmanagement

Hashtags for events

Hashtags are often used for events, particularly during the event itself for live updates.   Take a look at events that are happening in the sector and then search for the hashtag on different platforms to see the content.

Using hashtags in your content will optimise the way it performs; more people are more likely to see your posts which is why it is an important part of your social media strategy.

If you would like to find out more or you are still unsure about hashtags then get in touch.  

Hashtags – what are they all about?!
Article Name
Hashtags – what are they all about?!
In this blog we take a look at the use of hashtags (#) in social media and understand why we should be using them and how best to use them on each of the different social media platforms.
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