Personal and Professional Development

In today’s blog I want to talk about you and how much time you spend investing in your development and your own personal brand.

I think many of us have a tendency to get caught up in life and sometimes anything that goes beyond what is required for our qualifications and our accreditation maybe gets pushed down and de-prioritised.

I wanted to talk about how important it is for you, for your growth, your future, for your career to make your development a priority and to go above and beyond the basic requirements.

A Time Saver

I know what a lot of you are probably thinking while reading this.. when would I find the time for my development?? For me personally, the answer is podcasts and audio books.

I’ve tried to read books but quite frankly have never found the time. Audio books and podcasts are the way forward- stick them on in the car, in your headphones during the morning commute or in the kitchen while you’re cooking dinner- use that time to your advantage.

Scouring the Internet

One of the things I find really useful is to hunt down websites that provide inspiration or that teach you how to do something in particular- there are so many industry-specific advisory sites, blogs and YouTube channels out there as well as opportunities to connect with your peers.

I also spend quite a lot of time on webinars and am starting to look at more personal training days to provide some formal development.


What Works Best For You?

I’m interested to know-  how much time you actually invest in yourself; in your professional development and in growing who you are as a person?

What do you think the most important resources are for moving yourself forward?

I’ve been speaking to people recently who are working with coaches and mentors which has apparently helped them to develop significantly- let me know if you’ve gone to these lengths and, if so, what improvements you’ve seen?


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About author: Rebecca Kelly

Rebecca Kelly, Co-Founder of Be Original - Social Media Marketing for the Block Management Industry. 🎯Rebecca loves social media and has achieved new leads for her business through her use of different platforms, and is now pleased to be able to share this knowledge through Be Original.

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