Remaining Accountable

Today I wanted to have a conversation about being accountable; what that means, how to sustain it and why it’s important.

In everyday life we are all expected to be accountable in our jobs and what we achieve at work as well as in our personal lives with regards to health, fitness and our families etc, but what’s recently really hit me is the importance of the accountability and the support that you get from those around you.

Speaking from experience...

I was challenged to achieve a goal the other day. It was to complete a particular task (that had been falling to the bottom of my to-do list for some time) by the end of the day… I was feeling less than inspired to rise to the occasion.

I then had a conversation with someone else and filled them in on the challenge I’d been set. They gave their support as friends do but they also made me very noticeably accountable… 

With a casual ‘give me a shout the end of the day and let me know how you’ve got on’ they really inspired me to crack on. By holding me accountable, I knew I was going to achieve my goal. What an impact.

Finding Your Tribe....?!

This really made me think about the importance of the people you surround yourself with- those who know you and what you’re going through. They understand the challenges that you’re facing and they’re prepared to help.

I’ve seen all this stuff in the past about ‘finding your tribe’ and, quite honestly, thought I just don’t get it…

resized-group-of-diverse-people-joined-hands-together-RP8JXS5 (1)

But in more recent times, I’m seeing how this is falling into place for me; that not only are these people helping me, but there’s also value that I can bring to their lives and having these people around you makes such a difference in moving forward with whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.

Something to think about:

Take a little look at the people you surround yourself with… Do they support you and encourage accountability from you?

If not, then maybe it’s not just your house that might need a spring clean this year. 

Technological Support

All of this made me think about the technology we use to enforce our own personal accountability- the phones and the watches we wear. I use my watch to track my steps, general activity and my fitness- I may not be smashing my goals but it certainly makes me more aware.

I’ve made a conscious, deliberate decision to spend my hard earned on a watch and on apps to keep tabs on myself- just makes me wonder if we put enough thought into the people we surround ourselves with.


I’d be really interested to hear from you guys.

Is there a person or a team of people that make you accountable for the things that aren’t a part of your day to day role or life and if not, why not?

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About author: Rebecca Kelly

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