Social Media Marketing Services
for the Block Management Industry

Social Media Marketing Services from Be Original

Social Media Marketing Services from Be Original are specifically for those in or supplying to the Block Management Industry.   


Social Media newbie? Not sure where to start? This could be for YOU
£ 397 monthly
  • 2 x Social Platforms
  • 4 x posts (weekly)
  • 8 x social engagements (weekly)
  • 1 x blog post (monthly)


Need help making your brand stand out all of the time? This is for YOU
£ 597 monthly
  • 3 x Social Platforms
  • 12 x posts (weekly)
  • 20 x social engagements (weekly)
  • 2 x blog post (monthly)


Rocket launch your social media & dominate your niche. This is for YOU
£ 897 monthly
  • 4 x Social Platforms
  • 20 x posts (weekly)
  • 30 x social engagements (weekly)
  • 4 x blog post (monthly)

* T & C’s Apply – Any promotional offers made will be subject to terms and condition unique to the specific promotion. We hold the right to remove the offer at anytime.

Choosing to do nothing about your social media presence has consequences. If you are not investing in social media while your competitors are, they are out there creating an online name for themselves and leaving you behind.  

Are you worried that you might get complaints and negative feedback if you are ‘seen’ on social media? If people are going to say negative things about you, they will do so anyway, but having an active presence means that you can respond and action the points raised rather than letting comments go unanswered and creating an even worse impression.   

Don’t be ashamed that you haven’t done more with social media before and that you haven’t committed the time- now is the time to speak to Be Original and find out how easy it is to work with us to achieve a great social presence with our social media marketing services. 

Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Platforms

Social Media services can cover the following platforms, with the number of platforms as per the above.

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Google My Business
  • Pinterest

The number of posts above is across all platforms each week.

What is social engagement?

Just posting on social media would be the same as going to a networking event and just shouting and trying to sell your products – its not going to work!  The social part of social media is about engaging; talking to other people and interacting with other accounts.

Again, we appreciate this takes time, so your accounts will be monitored for responses and we will reply– plus, we will take the time each day that we post for you to interact with other people and get involved conversations in the form of comments, likes and retweets. 

Social Media Marketing Services

While you’re working with us there’s nothing stopping you from logging on yourself and getting involved in conversations too as this will only increase your exposure.  

Social Media Marketing Services

Audience Building

A key part of social media marketing is increasing your potential exposure. This can be done by finding a larger audience, but most important is that the audience are relevant to you and your company.  

There is little point having 5,000 connections on LinkedIn if they are in China while you only provide services to the UK market. We will make sure that we build your audience by targeting geographically appropriate, industry-relevant people and organisations.  

Blog Posts

You’ll see on the table of services above that we provide blog posts.  You might be asking yourself what the point of this is, but if you spoke to an SEO expert when your website was set up, they would’ve told you how important it is to add new content regularly.   

I’m sure you agreed that you would do this- you probably even set a reminder in your diary every month. But when the time came, sitting down at that blank screen, you struggled with where to start, what to talk about and how to say it.

We’ve got you covered.

Social Media Marketing Services

Every month, as part of your social media package with Be Original, we will write at least one blog post for you.  We will agree the subjects and overview of these with you in advance, get them written and approved by you, and then we can use them on your social media channels.  

Not only that; if you have a WordPress website, we will add the blog posts to your website (with the relevant images of course) and even SEO them for you.

Social media marketing services for the block management industry.

If you would like to find out more, schedule a call with us  where we can find out more about you and answer any questions you may have.  

Or, if you’d like to find out how easy it is to get started with us – we can tell you more here.