Working with Be Original

You’ve probably read our services page and you’re now standing at a cross roads:

The road to your left is the one you’ve already travelled. It’s bumpy and uncomfortable. You keep promising yourself that you’ll look at social media, ignoring those reminders in your diary and not achieving anything.

The road to your right however, provides a smooth path to growing your audience, increasing engagement and boosting your brand presence within the property management industry.  This is the road you choose when you work with Be Original, so choose the right road and see how easy it can be. 

We’ve kept it simple so it’s easy to get started and doesn’t take up too much of your time and you can feel confident that we understand the industry and that we’ll deliver results for you. 


We will need login details of all of your accounts so that we can review what is already there.
A meeting will be arranged to discuss who your company are, your brand guidelines, as well as other considerations you may have.

Initial Set Up

Having reviewed your existing accounts, we will need a number of brand assets from you to ensure that the profile of each account is set up consistently and is optimised.
From here, we will provide you an example schedule of what posts will look like, including a customised template for images that will be adapted across all platforms for you to approve.

Get Started

We will agree a start date with you and we will take over the management of your accounts from there on out.
Of course, you and your team are still able to post if you’d like to, or you can advise us of any adhoc content you would like us to include.

Moving Forward

We will manage the agreed accounts for you.
All you have to do is meet us for a coffee or a phone call every now and then to discuss what you’re up to and make sure we’re on track with what your business is currently doing.

Let's get you started

We can have this up and running within two weeks for you.  

We understand social media and can help you grow you audience, increase engagement and grow your brand presence within the property management industry. 

Get in touch today for a chat and a coffee and let’s get this started.

lets gets started with social media