“Start now, get perfect later” Rob Moore

get perfect later

Rob Moore (author, public speaker, entrepreneur, and property investor) said in his book by the same title; “start now, get perfect later” and this phrase resonates with me.

People want to be perfect. Even this blog I’m writing- some people would sit down to write this blog and go, “Oh, it doesn’t come across right. Let me cut it up. Let me re-write it. Let me do it again.”

What we should know about the work we create is that it is what it is and that no, it won’t please absolutely everybody.

Perfection is an illusion- it’s not even real. It’s not even possible, really, if you think about it. 

The Illusion Of Perfection

Perfection doesn’t exist. 

The concept of perfection is something we’ve been taught through years of rubbish that we’ve absorbed through all sorts of media- don’t let an illusion rule your life.

The Beauty Of Imperfection

You don’t need to be perfect.

Being imperfect is what makes you unique and unfiltered- the unedited version of you is great and should be shared with the world.

Can you imagine if everyone was perfect?

It would be so incredibly boring, not to mention exhausting! You don’t always have to be the princess- the hotdog is more memorable!

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In Conclusion- It's A Waste Of Time and Effort

Don’t let perfectionism stop you doing what you’re going to do.

Put yourself out there, be vulnerable and don’t worry about it.

Just start now, and you can get perfect later (if that’s important to you). Thank you for the welcome advice Rob.

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