“We Care” Is A Pretty Low Starting Position

we care

I hear so many people saying that they “care” in their marketing language; “We care. We’re transparent.”

Get me a bucket because I’m about to be sick!

I’m going to tell you why you shouldn’t use that language in your marketing anymore.

Setting The Bar Too Low

Firstly, if someone’s paying for your product or service, they’re probably already hoping or even assuming that you care!

You should be transparent, you should be good at communication, you should be trustworthy; those aren’t high standards, they’re the basics.

Learning From Experience

I’m not trying to critique anyone who’s using that language- I’ve done it myself in the past. I think this is one of those things that you learn over time.

On the face of it you’re telling valuable truths about yourself and your business but then you come to realise that by putting those qualities on a pedestal, you’ve inadvertently set your bar way too low and you’re not telling the whole story of what you can offer.

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Language Choices

What language are you using to portray who you are, what you do and the service or product you provide or the products you sell to your potential customers?

Words Are Powerful

You can make yourself stand out in the sea of marketing across social media with the right choice of words.

Stating that you’re a caring, trustworthy company may seem a valuable message to radiate, but will you really be noticed among all the noise if you stick to pointing out the basics?

Maybe dig a little deeper.

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