What Customers Want

what customers want

You’re the proud proprietor of a product that you know your customers really need- logic would tell you that sales should come easily, right?

Read on to find out why your ‘needs-based’ sales pitch may not be working as well as you may have hoped…

Want vs Need

People buy what they want, not what they need.

I’m going to say it again: people buy what they want, not what they need.

So, when you’re talking to customers, you need to pitch in a way that highlights how your service or product will fulfil their wants.

Positioning Your Pitch

So often I see people trying to pitch what it is their customer needs:

“You need access to the bank accounts.” No, they don’t.

“We will give you transparency.” That might not be their priority.

They might just want an agent who actually answers the phone, and ultimately, you need to make sure that you position yourself with that in mind.

reduced- pitch

A Great Example:

In Singapore, the government taxes combustion engines because they’re trying to get everyone in to electric cars. Combustion engines are so heavily taxed that you could pay four times as much for a high-end sports car there as you’d pay anywhere else (and still not be able to go over 30 mph as the roads won’t allow it). Interestingly, apparently Ferrari sells more cars in Singapore than anywhere else in the world…


When you’re thinking about what you do and how you position your business in the market, make sure that you are taking into account what the customer wants, not what they need. 

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