Working Together

Do Block Management professionals work together enough? Is it important?

I want to start a discussion about working together today- specifically in the block management industry.

Are we, as block management companies, managing agents, suppliers and contractors, working together for the benefit of ourselves and our clients, or not? Is it something you feel is important?

Is Our Industry Different?

When I’ve discussed this topic with people in the past a common response is to wonder why we don’t pull together as an industry in the way other sectors do.

It’s as though the thought of us all being on the same team hasn’t crossed our minds as an option- the competitive nature of the industry seem to’ve taken over and created barriers to collaboration- in my opinion, to our detriment.

Smells Like Team Spirit

I think that working together and finding other companies you can identify with and that have similar values who can help you raise your own standards or that you can collaborate on projects with can be invaluable.

This sort of support can be a positive for all parties. You can learn from each other’s successes and mistakes while challenging and pushing each other onwards- what can be bad about that?


This also translates into working with other people as individuals- why are we so scared to reach out to our peers and connect with them? They will most likely have some of the same experiences and issues as us and again, both parties can benefit from each other’s experiences.

A Question of Value

I think a lot of this really is about knowing what value you can add- what you can bring to the table.

Some may believe that someone who wants to work with their ‘competitors’ and peers may only be looking to gain rather than give but I believe we’re far more likely to be open to collaboration if we feel that we can bring value to the conversation as well as receiving it from others.

No one wants to be a part of a one-sided conversation- we all want to have our say and feel that we’re bringing something to the party.

So, are you as a company working with other people? Do you encourage joint ventures and have a network of peers you can go to for advice?

Or, do you feel that you need to be working alone, that companies should focus on themselves and view others as ‘competition’? 

Do you think as an industry we should be working together more? I’d love to hear your opinions.

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About author: Rebecca Kelly

Rebecca Kelly, Co-Founder of Be Original - Social Media Marketing for the Block Management Industry. 🎯Rebecca loves social media and has achieved new leads for her business through her use of different platforms, and is now pleased to be able to share this knowledge through Be Original.

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